School Crafts

These art and crafts projects use materials found typically in the classroom and around the home or office. Construction paper, glue, scissors, pencils, rulers, paper bags, wrapping paper, newspaper, magazines, bread twists, stickers, etc. Plastic lids of varying sizes make excellent circle templates. These projects are inexpensive and easy to make. Most projects can be completed in approximately an hour and can be varied to be seasonal. Also many of the projects can be used in school projects. Older students can make these items with little assistance while smaller children will need some of the items pre made. Always make the project yourself.

Each student should have an art/craft kit. It should include such basic items as safety scissors, glue, ruler, small pack of construction paper, small pack of washable markers, crayons or pencil colors. Each kit should include a pencil. These kits can be stored in a large zip-lock type bag or uniform box such as a clear storage container. If finances are a problem, collect empty candy boxes. Provide permanent markers so that students can label all art/craft supplies. Provide each student with a sheet of newspaper that can be folded and placed in the kit so students can protect their work area. When not in use, store in an inaccessible area to the students. When ready to use, have student helpers distribute the kits.

Include in your beginning of the school year letter to parents a request for any additional items students may use in art/craft projects such as yarn, ribbon, glitter, scraps of fabric, egg cartons, additional scissors, glue, markers, colors, pencil colors, construction paper, and stickers.

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Last Updated: 03/15/2017