Snowflake 2

  • Construction paper
  • Xerox paper
  • Markers/Crayons/Pencil Colors/Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Twine/Yarn/Ribbon


1 hour


Instruct students to:

  1. Fold and cut Xerox paper in half to form 2-4 by 11 strips.
  2. Fold each piece into accordion pleats.
  3. Cut a notch on each long side at the center.
  4. Tie securely with a piece of string.
  5. Make a variety of cuts on both sides of the folder paper.
  6. Run a line of glue along outside pleats.
  7. Glue outside pleats together.
  8. Attach a length to top of snowflake.
  9. Hang.

Last Updated: 08/20/2013